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Fall Trends for Minnesota Weddings

September 28, 2012

As the cool weather moves in, some couples are getting ready to cozy down—for good.  Plus, the autumn season with colorful foliage and natural outdoor beauty make fall a great time of year to get married.  Here are some of the top wedding trends for this fall.

  • Emphasize individuality and originality.  No more cookie cutter weddings—the sky’s the limit as brides and grooms choose wedding details that reflect their personalities and interests.  From favorite foods and ethnic dishes to homemade boutonnieres ala etsy, feel free to include unique details in your wedding ceremony or reception.  At a recent wedding I attended, the bride and groom hired a salsa instructor to teach guests at the reception.  At another, the bride’s dietary restrictions meant that instead of a cake, dessert was a tower of gluten-free treats.
  • Jewel tones and rich tones.  According to a number of websites, this year’s trends are crisp tones with saturated pops of color.  For example, slate gray with deep emerald green, champagne with magenta and purple, or gold and silver with a bright berry red.  You could also incorporate rich hues like wheat, burgundy and chocolate brown—colors that are “autumnal” in feel.
  • Different but unified.  Matching bridesmaids used to be the norm, but now the trend is to have dresses that are different but unified.  For example, dresses that are each different in style, cut and neckline but of similar hues—less matching but with some unifying theme.  This extends to decorations, with different tables having their own centerpieces, table numbers and place cards.  Just be sure to keep everything unified so that it comes together with an overall polished look.
  • More than white.  A big trend in wedding gowns is to stray from the typical white into blush, off-white, pastel, even light tans.
  • Think local.  Many brides and grooms are going with local flowers and other décor and specialty regional foods.
  • Desserts of all sizes.  First it was cupcakes, now it’s mini-desserts of all types.  Mini pies, mini tarts, dessert tables and candy buffets.  Some couples elect to have one official wedding cake for tradition’s sake, but add other favorite desserts to reflect their personalities.

Let your imagination be your guide.  Talk to the planners at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest, one of the top wedding venues in the Twin Cities, for more ideas on making your day truly magical.

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