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Top 5 Ways to Pack Light

July 8, 2012

Top Ways to Pack Light For Your Next Trip

How many bags did you have with you on your last trip to Minnesota? With baggage fees continuing to rise – chances are you’re looking to pack as light as possible on your next trip. The key is to  be organized and flexible at the same time so you can stroll into your hotel in the Twin Cities – or wherever you’re traveling – with minimal baggage.

Here are the top five ways to pack light – no matter where you’re traveling.

Create a list before you pack

Being organized is a key part of packing light before you take a trip. It’s a great way to look at what you want to bring with you – and what will actually fit into your suitcase. Take a critical look at what you’re packing and get rid of items that you really don’t need. Creating a packing list also helps you avoid forgetting things you might need. But – if you do forget something, check with your hotel’s front desk. We can often provide common items you need!

Be versatile in what you pack

Choose versatile clothing and shoes that can work together and work for what your travel activities will be. Simple colors – especially neutrals – will help you mix and match your outfits. If you’re traveling for business and don’t need a full suit – dress pants and sports coats can be mixed to lighten your luggage load. Use colorful accessories like jewelry, belts and ties to mix up the neutral color scheme.

Go for lightweight items

If possible – look for lightweight knits and materials in the clothing you’re packing. This can be tricky in the winter – but that’s where lightweight cotton and cotton blends that can be layered come in. If you have bulky items like coats or boots that you must bring with you – wear them when you’re traveling so they don’t actually need to be “packed.”

Plan for one week of clothing

Plan for one week of clothing – even if you’re traveling for longer than that period of time. You can have a laundry service at your hotel take it from there.

Think small when you pack

If you’re carrying luggage onto a plane you’ll need to have all of your toiletries in small containers per TSA rules – so why pack big bulky toiletry containers if you’re checking a bag or driving for your trip? 3 ounce bottles are often plenty for a few days away from home. If you need more – think about trying something new that you find on your trip! Thinking small also applies to electronics and books. If you have an e-reader or iPad, bring that with you instead of a few books and you’ll save a ton of space. Many mp3 players are small enough to tuck into a purse or even pocket and provide you with hours of entertainment for just a little space.

What are your favorite packing light tips?

The Minneapolis Marriott Northwest Hotel is an all-suite hotel in the Twin Cities. The 50,000 square feet conference facility is ideal for business, social events and weddings with 25 versatile rooms including three ballrooms and amphitheater. The hotel is close to a wide selection of shopping destinations including the Mall of America. It’s also a sports headquarters, near the National Sports Center, Target Field, Target Center and University of Minnesota.

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