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Relaxing While You Travel

June 28, 2012

How to Relax on the Road

When you travel for work it can be tough to get in any time to relax and recharge. Here are some of our top tips on how to relax while on a business trip.

Plan Ahead

We know – it can be easier said than done to be really ready to head out the door on time. Start packing a few days before you’re scheduled to leave so you’re not rushing the night before or morning of your trip. (Packing light can also help this task go faster – here are some great tips to pack light). Make a checklist for what you need to do at home before you leave for vacation and try to tackle it a few days before you’re on vacation as well.

Even though you’re traveling for work, let coworkers know a couple weeks ahead of time that you’ll be out of the office. This way you can hopefully avoid any last-minute tasks someone might spring on you and keep you at the office later than you planned.

If you’re flying to your meeting – check in online and get to the airport in plenty of time. It may sound simple – but wouldn’t you rather be checking your email from the business lounge at the airport for 45 minutes instead of running through the concourse and arrive at the gate completely ragged?

If you’re driving to your meeting, make sure you know where you’re going! Call the hotel where you’re staying to check on construction in the area that might not show up on your GPS or online map. We are happy to help you get around easily and avoid sitting in too much traffic!

Take Advantage of Down Time

Take advantage of your travel time to and from your meeting or conference. If you’re flying for your trip, try reading a book, watching a DVD or even playing some games on your iPad or laptop while you’re in the air.

Escaping in a book is a great way to let your mind recharge and wander through imaginary worlds or a great biography. The majority of business travelers say they read for pleasure when they’re traveling for work – so think of the trip as an opportunity to really treat yourself to a great book. If you’re driving to your destination, listen to an audiobook or podcast! These are great for business travelers – especially if you have a long drive ahead of you and don’t have satellite radio.

Get Some Exercise

Getting exercise while you’re traveling for business is a great way to fight stress and relax. This is especially true if you’re going to be in meetings or seminars all day long. You’ll be craving fresh air and want to stretch your legs. Exercise is great for fighting stress – whether you want to check out our new fitness center or take a walk in the nearby Elm Creek Park Reserve! If you love doing yoga to relax and center yourself – feel free to practice your poses in your hotel room! There are some great travel yoga mats out there that are simple to pack. The folks at FitSugar just reviewed several of them; you can see the reviews by clicking here.

Go Shopping

Shopping can be a great way to relax on business trips – if you love browsing the racks as a diversion! If you’re visiting the Twin Cities, you have some incredible options, including the Mall of America and the Albertville Premium Outlet stores. They’re just 25 minutes from the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest and you’ll get some exercise walking around all those stores as well!

How do you fight stress while traveling? What are your tips for staying relaxed on the road?

The Minneapolis Marriott Northwest Hotel is an all-suite hotel in the Twin Cities. The 50,000 square feet conference facility is ideal for business, social events and weddings with 25 versatile rooms including three ballrooms and amphitheater. The hotel is close to a wide selection of shopping destinations including the Mall of America. It’s also a sports headquarters, near the National Sports Center, Target Field, Target Center and University of Minnesota.

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